Sunday Staples

I can almost remember a time in my life when Sundays were fun days.  When you actually had two full days in a weekend.  When brunch was something you did with friends at an actual restaurant.  Now brunch is the meal I feed my children when I forget to feed them breakfast but it’s too early to feed them lunch.  It’s funny because it’s true.

Since going back to work full-time, our Sundays are full on prep days so I can survive the work week.  We do try to get to church in the AM, but from there on out I’m ordering groceries, cleaning, doing laundry and cooking.  And honestly, that’s OK.  Do I still complain – ABSOLUTELY – but I recognize in order to be a half decent Mom and have time for myself,  Sunday Prep-Days are a must. If I don’t do anything on Sundays we end up filling lunch boxes with cheerios and cheese and my girls have to pull dirty school uniforms out of their laundry baskets – yes it’s gross but don’t worry, we draw the line at socks and underwear. You have to do what works for you, but I promise, if you have your grocery shopping, meal prep and laundry done by the start of each new week, you will have more time to do the things you 100% need to do for YOU and you absolutely MUST take care of YOU!!! And this goes for everyone, not just Moms. Sacrificing some of your time on Sundays will set you up for success!!

Tip of the Week – STAPLES!! No, not the gun kind but the items in your pantry kind.  I have them – lots of them.  You need them if you want to save time, eat cleaner and save money.  Start adding them to your pantry slowly and keep them stocked. Here’s what you need: Chicken broth/stock, quinoa, brown rice, all-purpose flour, brown sugar, honey, baking powder, baking soda, olive oil, toasted sesame oil, vinegars (white, red wine and balsamic), canned diced tomatoes, Dijon mustard, garlic powder, paprika, cumin, oregano, basil, chili powder, salt & pepper, curry powder and red pepper flakes.  I swear most healthy recipes call for at least three of these ingredients.  You are more likely to stick with your meal plan if you have everything you need in your kitchen.  So see which of these items is on sale at your g-store this week and grab a few!

Happy, Healthy Eating Friends!! Let’s do this!!!

Wild Rice and Chicken Casserole – This is my go-to Sunday casserole.  It’s really simple and really filling and helps ease my Sunday blues.  I use a rotisserie chicken in place of chicken breasts because it saves so much time, and personally, I think tastes better. Great casserole to make ahead and freeze, and a good one to make and take for friends & fam.

Turkey Burgers & Okra – No, this isn’t a gourmet turkey burger recipe.  I am talking straight from the freezer section Bubba turkey burgers, and there is nothing wrong with that.  I cook them in the pan and my kids and hubs will eat with a bun. I’ll eat with lettuce, tomato and whatever else I want to pile on top.  Now, I know okra gets a bad rap but I LOVE it.  I buy frozen, store brand, CUT okra and sauté it over medium heat with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, onion and I use garlic powder in place of garlic.  It’s delicious y’all.  You can add red pepper flakes to spice it up too.  This is a no fuss recipe perfect for nights when you have more on your plate than usual, i.e., soccer practice.

One Pan Halibut with Veggies – My husband went offshore fishing over the weekend so we have tons of fresh fish in our freezer.  I have no clue if he caught halibut, but I’m sure there is some kind of white fish I can sub in place of the halibut – just looks super easy and light.  And it incorporates some of my favorites – a sheet pan, green  beans (Costco) and cherry tomatoes ( I buy cherub tomatoes – they are so sweet – daughter eats them like candy!)

Chopped Wedge Salad – I love blue cheese. ( Are you picking up on my cheese obsession?) And I love easy salads but have learned from searching for low calorie recipes that salads don’t always = healthy.  Wedge salads are usually pretty high in fat.  Plus, I’m always turned off by the huge iceburg that appears on my plate when I order a wedge.  This version is low calorie and you can use whatever lettuce you have on hand.  I will throw in some chicken breasts and call it a day! Make the dressing and bake the bacon ( I prefer to bake my bacon – less mess and time) on Sunday.

Moroccan Chicken – Lots of veggies and flavor in this filling, low calorie dish. It does require a little chopping BUT, it’s worth it.  Pour over couscous, brown rice or quinoa – whatever you have in your pantry.  Those spices you stocked up on will come in handy with this recipe.  You can meal prep by chopping your veggies on Sunday. Just place in Ziploc bags so all you have to do is brown the chicken and dump in everything else.

Sante Fe Turkey Stuffed Peppers – Stuffed peppers are such a good family meal option. If your kids are like mine they will empty out the “stuffing” and push the pepper off of their plate like it’s diseased.  Usually this type of recipe is time consuming and high in fat but this one is neither.  Super easy to throw together and 160 calories for half of a pepper – that’s insane!! It’s Friday so uncork your favorite wine and turn your Pandora station to Hipster Cocktail Party Radio – the best channel for drinking and cooking ~ thank my neighbor, Jen,  for the Pandora tip!!!!

I hope y’all have a fabulous week. SHARE SHARE SHARE and tag us in your food pics!!!!! I post nightly updates of each of these recipes on Instagram ~  @Dinner with the Duffys

XO ~ Kelly

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  1. nancy farrington

    Kelly –

    I’m so enjoying this. Love your writing.

    Just happened to think – during Lent will we have meat-free Fridays?


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  2. reghanablake

    I love the way you write ! love the honesty and humor. and of course loving all these recipes. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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