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For those of you who follow along on Instagram, you know I’m really trying to watch what I’m putting into my mouth for the next two weeks.  I have seriously overindulged and my body has started to revolt.  The other night I thought I was having chest pains but turns out it was only indigestion. Holy moly indigestion is painful – like ranks up there with childbirth. My husband was worried and that’s saying a lot. A horn could start growing, out of the top of my head, and he would calmly tell me everything’s alright.  SO this past Sunday I decided to make some changes.  As you know,  I am pretty good when it comes to dinner and I’m really good, if not better, for breakfast and lunch. Well, minus my cup of coffee.  I prefer cream and sugar – like too much cream and sugar – but coffee by itself is just nasty, y’all.  What gets me is the weekly vino and overindulging on the weekends.  I have to pat myself on the back because it’s Thursday and not a drop of wine has entered my body! Go ahead, be impressed. I certainly am.  But, tomorrow is Friday and there is no way I’m not partaking in the weekend spirits. My hope is my choice to slow down Monday – Thursday will help me to be more mindful of my weekend choices. Oh, and the decision to go back to a “cheat day” and not a “cheat 72 hours.” 72 hours of eating what I crave will wreck havoc on anyone – I’m a serious junk food lover at heart . Let me also say there is absolutely NO WAY this plan will have any chance of surviving from December 20th to Jan. 2nd and that’s OK. Christmas is a time for indulging and I will happily indulge. I will continue to try and exercise daily but be realistic about that expectation. Plus, the requisite “New Year’s Diet” is right around the corner so load up while you can!!! Just don’t leave home without the Tums in tow!!! 

Tip of the Week: Be prepared!!  During the Holidays, family and friends will most definitely be stopping by so you should always be prepared to entertain.  This doesn’t have to be difficult.  Just keep a few of the below on hand and you will never be caught off guard!! 

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  • Big T Crab Dip – this dip is dynamite.  We are super picky about crab dip, living on the coast, and this dip does not disappoint.  Try the jalapeno version too – perfect kick!
  • Scalloped Crackers – The perfect assortment of crackers. 
  • An Assortment of Cheese – Trader Joe’s has the most delicious cheese on the planet and their prices are unbeatable.  You can’t go wrong with any of them, but these are some of my favs – Cranberry Chevre Goat Cheese, St. Illtyd Cheddar with Garlic White Wine & Parsley, Unexpected Cheddar, a Manchego, a Blue and a Gruyere.
  • Charcuterie – Whatever you like is fine.  I happen to like 
    capocollo, prosciutto and salami. You can find these at your local Harris Teeter or, Trader Joes
  • Nuts, Pretzels, etc. – In my family, we go for cashews and peanut butter filled pretzels but any will do. If you are feeling spunky, grab wasabi peas or Marcona almonds (SO GOOD).
  • Sweets – Always a good idea to have something sweet. I LOVE the candied walnuts and peppermint pretzels from Trader Joes. 
  • Pimento Cheese – Or a hummus. Here in the south, pimento cheese is king! I LOVE My Three Sons spicy white cheddar!!
  • Alcohol – Dear Lord, please do not forget to stock your bar at Christmas time.  White & Red wine, Prosecco, Vodka and a Whiskey should do. Plus soda, tonic, cranberry and beer.

Let’s get to what will surely be the last full week of cooking for a while! Meal Plan for the week of 12/16!

Sunday, December 16th – Tomato Basil Bisque with Italian Meatballs – Sunday supper recipes make me happy and this one does not disappoint.  You can sub frozen meatballs but since it’s Sunday, I’ll be putting my kids to work making them.  I rarely look forward to Sundays but thoughts of eating this dish have me excited!!

Monday, December 17th – Thai Basil Ground Beef Bowl – We can do this people.  Last week before Christmas.  This recipe is loaded with flavor but really, very easy to make.  I will skip the cauliflower rice and sub basmati or quinoa.  

Tuesday, December 18th – One Sheet Pan Herb Crusted Salmon – This is a one pan dish of all of my favorite things – tomatoes, balsamic, green beans….delicious. Don’t feel like you have to purchase parsley, thyme, oregano, basil and rosemary – a mix of a few will do.  

Wednesday, December 19th – One Pot 30 Minute Zoodles and Meatballs  – I thought about just putting down “lean cuisine of your choice” for this day but decided against it when I stumbled across this beauty.  Store bought sauce, check.  Store bought  (frozen) meatballs, check.  You can even purchase spiralized zucchini.  Hands on prep time for this dish is five minutes.  FIVE!!!

Thursday, December 20th – Mustardy Quinoa with Sausage, Potato and Tarragon – Wait, don’t scroll by this one. I get that “mustardy quinoa” doesn’t make you want to drool BUT, I promise, it’s delicious. The mix of flavors in this dish are to die for.  You won’t be disappointed!!

Friday, December 21st – Hearty Chicken Stew with Butternut Squash and Quinoa – People, the Duffy fam is officially off for the next 13 days! I’m so excited I could burst. This recipe isn’t difficult but has a few more steps than most of the recipes I share. BUT, it’s Friday and you might have a little more time.  If not, make this tomorrow!! 

That’s all she wrote.  Happy, Healthy Eating Friends!

XO ~ Kelly D. 

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