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Happy Friday Y’all.  We made it! I have been looking forward to this day for what feels like an eternity. My HUGE work event is finally behind me and was, by all accounts, a great success.  I actually took off today to do, well, nothing.  I thought about going a number of places but eventually decided to do a few things around the house, exercise and then sit on my back porch and read.  We have had the most unbelievable weather in Charleston this week. Today it’s going to be 76 degrees. 76 in February. I’m in heaven.  I had planned on doing this great tag team post, with a local Charleston company, but we haven’t had a chance to meet up SO, I decided to blog about some random products that I’m LOVING lately and quite honestly, not sure how I lived without. Some have to do with food, and some don’t but they are ALL fabulous!

PDiddy and I usually give each other one gift, from Santa, at Christmas. This year Santa brought us this gorgeous @All-Clad Non-Stick all in one pan and I’m in love. I may give more care to this pan than I do my children – no judgement. It’s not an inexpensive purchase but if you enjoy cooking, it’s so worth it. One of the keys to cooking is to make sure you NEVER overcrowd your pan. NEVER. This beauty is big enough to handle any dish! P.S. – thanks @Williams-Sonoma Charleston for your help! P.P.S. – it’s HALF OFF right now. Click HERE

My name is Kelly and I have oily, acne prone skin. I have dealt with skin issues since I was in middle school. As I age, I have to fight controlling the break-outs with anti-aging and it’s not a party people. But, thankfully brilliant folks are creating brilliant products that combat both! Like this Green Cure Mask. One of my favorite peeps, Brittany @ Gwynns, turned me onto this CBD line a few weeks ago. This mask calms, clarifies, evens and improves the skin. I LOVE it. Not too pricey either. Perfect for any skin type! Go see Brittany and check out the entire Lab to Beauty line!

Every now and then I get obsessed with a new product and it’s all I can talk, and think about. The @Toadfish Shrimp Cleaner is one of those. The genius dudes behind Toadfish are well, genius. This little tool allows you to peel, devein, and butterfly your shrimp in one single movement. Obsessed.

Meal Plan for the week of 2/10/19

Sunday, February 10th – Cajun Shrimp Casserole – Pull out your @toadfish shrimp cleaner people, you are going to need it for this beauty. One of my all time favorite casseroles. I’m not quite sure there are words for how much I love this recipe. Not healthy but SO worth it. The flavors are binge worthy.

Monday February 11th – Healthy One Pan, Baked, Smothered Chicken – You had me at “one pan” but then you had me again at “smothered”. I’m pretty sure I would make anything that had “smothered” in the title, regardless of what is was smothered in. Lots of veggies in this one. Serve with cauli, brown or white rice.

Tuesday, February 12th – Green Curry Salmon – Super healthy, delicious and quick recipe from @themodernproper. The salmon cooks in the curry, in the oven, so technically it’s a one pan wonder. Serve with cauli rice! (remember to buy it frozen)

Wednesday, February 13th – Tuna, White Bean Salad – Sorry, not sorry, for the seafood heavy week! Dump, mix and pour – that’s about the extent of it for this one, y’all. I may even have my 10 year old make this for me. I’ll probably have some cooked chicken on hand, for Patrick, if he feels the need to bulk his up. I’m excited because it’s super easy and light, perfect for mid week.

Thursday, February 14th – Chimichurri Steak with Asparagus – Happy Valentine’s Day lovers!! I know some of you will not be home to cook this evening but here is a fabulous steak recipe just in case. Patrick and I most always stay in for V-Day. We celebrate with the kids and cook a delicious meal. But this year we are heading out. One of my favorite bands is playing in Charleston, Taj Mahal, and I can’t wait! If they were not playing, I’d be home, eating this delicious steak, in my pjs. You can use whatever cut of beef you like!

Friday, February 15th – One Pot Jambalaya – I’m excited to try out this recipe as the creator, @ThymeandJoy, is from Charleston. She is a whole30 partner and all of what she makes looks delicious. Can’t wait to test this one!

There you have it. I told you eating healthy can be tasty. You just have to follow me for the goods!! As long as you are following, follow along on Instagram @dinnerwiththeduffys for night of tips & tricks.

Happy, Healthy Eating Friends!

XO ~ Kelly

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