Moving Right Along

You are probably thinking “why in the world is K Duffy sending me something on a Tuesday?” Before you go thinking I have finally organized my life enough to get my meal plan out this early, let me stop you. I have not. I’m just reaching out to share a quick tip for the Weight Watchers taco casserole and to give you an update on our kitchen.

Home Update – Well, the demolition is COMPLETE! Thanks to my incredible neighbors, and P Diddy, we are rolling. Patrick and I decided to go with King Construction for the heavy lifting and Coastal Cabinet Co. for the design and cabinetry. The construction guys have been incredible. If you are in the market to build or renovate, I highly recommend using King Construction. His guys showed up on time, worked their tails off, left the house spotless and stayed until after 6:00 pm. I am so impressed. Super stoked to get home today to see what they have accomplished!

Food Tip – I made the Weight Watchers taco casserole last night and have a few suggestions. First, it was delicious. You should definitely make this one. Insanely easy to throw together. But, instead of doing a layer of sour cream and then cheese, I suggest mixing the two together and then topping. Makes spreading much easier. Before serving, top with jarred jalapenos and green onions – kicks the flavor up a notch! ( If serving to kids, just top your own) Really great, low cal, cass!! Tag me in your photos if you make it this week!! @dinnerwiththeduffys on Instagram. Happy Tuesday, y’all!

XO ~ Kelly D.

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