Beach Day Prep

The girls and I are heading to the beach tomorrow so I’m making a quick list of what we will need. Why the special shopping trip? Well, packing for the beach requires a little extra thought. For example, everything really should be able to fit into your cooler unless you want it to spoil, melt or evaporate. And not sure about your crew but my kids eat constantly whilst playing in the sun. Instead of craving a full lunch, they prefer to eat smaller snacky foods. Below are my “must have” beach day snacks and such.

  • Snack Bags – I am obsessed with these Keeper Reusable Snack Bags. They come in multiple sizes, stand on their own and take up way less space than large bento containers.
  • Pre-Packaged INDIVIDUAL Snacks – Show me a large container of dip, five minutes after being opened on the beach, and I would bet my life there is more sand in that container than dip. Always pack individually wrapped snacks – there is no such thing as sharing on the beach. My Favorites – Sabra Hummus & Pretzels, KIND minis, Wholly Guacamole cups, Slim Jims, Pirates Booty, Sargento Balanced Breaks and Pickles.
  • Pre-Cut Fruits & Veggies – Cucumbers, baby carrots, grapes & watermelon are my go-to’s. I usually toss in some bell peppers for myself.
  • Lunch Meat Roll-Ups – Kids don’t want to stop doing what they are doing to eat lunch while at the beach. Everything you pack must be able to be eaten while in motion. I love wrapping deli meat around cheese sticks and/or pickles for a filling, yet easily eaten, lunch option.
  • Cooler – I tried my hardest to stay away from the “hip cooler” options, y’all. I just could not wrap my brain around spending upwards of $300 on a glorified ice box. But after all of our soft coolers started to leak, I decided to give one of the less expensive options a try. Our RTIC Soft Pack 30 is the It holds everything we need, for a full beach day, is easy to carry and keeps food/drinks cold, all day long. Plus, it’s half the price of most of the fancy coolers.

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