Favorite Things

Get It Right Spatula – The only spatula you will ever need. It can scrape pots, mix cookie dough and everything in between!

OXO Wooden Grip Spoons – I have a love affair with wooden spoons and these are my favorite. They have a scoop shape which allows you to get in to those hard to reach pan places a flat spoon just can not reach!

Tasti Mixing Bowls – I can’t say enough about these bowls, but I will try. They nest, have lids, won’t slip, have measurements INSIDE the bowl, are dishwasher safe and they are really, really cute.

Ironwood Gourmet Square Charleston End Grain Chef’s Board – Made of acacia wood, this cutting board is both useful and beautiful. You can cut and serve, right from the board. AND it’s made in the Carolinas.

Wusthof Classic 8-inch Chef’s Knife – I know, it’s pricey but you will use it forever. This is my favorite everyday knife – I’ve had mine for thirteen years!

Chef Steps Joule Sous Vide – I know, I wasn’t totally on the sous vide train but I am onboard now – Choo-Choo! I LOVE this guy because it’s not so bulky, has a magnetic base and wife capabilities.

Instant Pot Smart Wifi 6 Quart Electric Cooker – Another tool to make your life easier. If you have the storage space, go for it.

All-Clad Cookware – I know, expensive, but you need to think of your cookware as an investment. Good pans will last and last and last. I try to purchase one a year – more affordable than buying the whole collection at once!

Fine Mesh Strainers – Weird, but these are a biggie for me. I feel like I’m constantly straining things. I love this hand held version and the three sizes are key! Perfect for sifting.

Manuel Juicer – Another thing I’m constantly doing – juicing limes and lemons. I find healthier recipes rely heavily on citrus flavors. This juicer will make your juicing life but a dream.

Food Storage Containers – I pack my lunch every, single, day so good food storage containers are a must. Hands down, these are the winner. Super durable, WILL NOT LEAK, and store easily too!

Measuring Cups and Spoons – My most favorite measuring spoons, ever. Don’t you hate when you can’t fit the stupid measuring spoon into a jar of whatever you are trying to measure? Drives me bananas. Not these beauties – they can get into anything. Multiple measurement options on each spoon/cup so you can reuse and the handles are amazing.