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The Duffy fam is evacuating y’all. As I write this we are crossing the GA state line, heading to Jacksonville, trying to get out of Flo’s projected path. She has given me some serious anxiety this week people. I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night to check the Euro model – at 2AM – to compare it to the latest GFS. Five days ago I had never heard of the GFS or the Euro model. If I get tired of blogging about meals I believe I could make a very successful shift to blogging about tracking hurricanes. Our last minute trip out of town affected my meal plan for this week, BUT I was able to throw the chicken breasts and fish in the freezer, so both will be waiting on me when I return – I think. One can hope. But seriously, this is why home shop and meal planning are so brilliant. I’m going to be over 200 miles away from home but can shop for my groceries from my hotel room and schedule the pick-up for when we are heading back to CHS. We will literally swing into the Teeter, load up the loot and head home. Fridge will be stocked with breakfast, lunch, dinner and kids stuff so I can get to the unpacking – and de-hurricaning. ( I know that’s not a word but roll with me here people – I’m in a car with two children under 9, my not so excited to be evacuating husband and our large golden retriever.)

Quick Tip of the Week – GO WITH THE FLO! (Pun intended) Life throws curveballs. You can’t plan for everything. Sometimes you just have to eat the food, drink the wine and spend the dough. I feel like I need to throw in an AMEN here!! Can I get an AMEN??!! We had no intention of taking a late summer vacation, but here we are. What can you do? Relax, pray that Flo gets the you know what out of dodge and enjoy being in a beautiful place with my fabulous family. Prayers to all on the east coast, especially our beloved Charleston.

Million Dollar Zucchini Skillet – IF we make it back to Charleston by Sunday this dish is what’s for dinner. It does require a little extra effort as you gotta pull out the food processor, but it will save you time in the end. I never mind pulling out the processor – just washing all the parts. Anyway, this recipe is LOADED with veggies, sausage and cheese – perfect for what I hope will be our first home cooked meal post Flo!

Garlic Sriracha Chicken Thighs and BrusselsI love spicy and sweet marinades and this one is SO easy – you only have to marinate the chicken for 15 minutes. I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten to marinate in advance so this recipe is definitely my friend. You can marinate as long as you want but the fact that you do not have to is a nice perk. Why are so many people against chicken thighs? I LOVE chicken thighs – so juicy. If you are anti-thigh go ahead and sub for breasts if you must! Brussels – I mean, I like them but prefer them covered in a sauce which kind of defeats the point I suppose, but that’s just the way it is. Balsamic makes another appearance this week – surprise, surprise. If you aren’t in the mood for sprouts, grab a handful of Costco green beans from your freezer!

Skinny Tuna Cakes with Arugula – I’m a newbie when it comes to canned tuna but I’m already a big fan. Tuna is SO inexpensive, healthy and incredibly versatile. These cakes look crazy tasty and easy. You can make the chipotle sauce or not – I will place these beauties, with sauce, over arugula. Throw in couscous, quinoa or brown rice if you need more on your plate. If you want the salad on it’s own, sprinkle with fresh parmesan cheese, salt, pepper and drizzle with lemon juice and olive oil. Voila, dinner!

Slow Cooker Salsa Verde Shredded Chicken – For those who have been asking for a crockpot recipe, here you go. I’ve had a difficult time committing to the crockpot as it’s still 100 degrees outside, and I equate crockpot with cold BUT, I’ll make an exception this week. Nothing complicated about this recipe but lots of really great side/serving tips and ideas. I will place my chicken over lettuce with some additional salsa verde, but the hubs and kids will use tortillas!

Lemon Garlic Chicken Zoodles – OK so before you get upset with me for putting a recipe on here that requires you to “zoodle” let me say a few things: 1) I purchased a spiralizer from Amazon for $13 and it 100% does the trick. You do not need to spend a lot of money on this product. Here is a good one from Amazon. 2) The secret to zoodles – you HAVE TO SQUEEZE OUT ALL THE LIQUID…spiral them and then squeeze the whole lot of them between paper towels to get as much liquid out as you can. Otherwise they will not cook correctly. 3) You can buy spiralized zucchini noodles in your local grocery store – easy peasy. 4) Zoodles are an awesome sub for pasta…no, I’m not saying they taste like pasta ( I get annoyed when people say a vegetable tastes just like a carb – no bloody way), but it’s a hearty option if you are looking to stay low carb! So try them – you might find that the extra $13 and 3 minutes of time are totally worth it!

Weight Watchers Goulash – I LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe. Super family friendly, fast and scrumptious all for 224 calories per serving. The only change – I do not add the corn. I can’t quite get behind corn in a tomato sauce. I know that’s what makes this “southwestern,” but it’s not necessary in my opinion. Add it if you want to – just a suggestion. Super filling too. My husband usually requires five servings at every meal and he is full after two servings of goulash!

There you have it friends – meals for the week of 9/16 – I think that’s right. I’m all out of whack.

Happy Healthy Eating Y’all!

XO ~ Kelly

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